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Marketing Manager

Date Posted - Mar 21, 2017
Company: Friends Life Care Partners
Contact Name: Megan Gaffney: HR (Maria Buehler)
Contact Email:
Phone: 215-628-8964
Job Summary:

Join the team of a small nonprofit and get the chance to use your current marketing skills and learn new ones.  Friends Life Care offers seniors membership in policies that provide them with financial benefits and care coordination.  This role is focused on increasing brand awareness and generating leads for sales to sustain and grow the business.  Some of the most important responsibilities include:

  • Email outreach using Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform

  • Blog oversight and contribution
  • Online communications - digital, social and website
  • Event planning and on-site management for seminar presentations

  • Degree in related field

  • Strong communications skills - verbal and written
  • Proven organization skills and ability to work to deadlines
  • Experience in blog platform and email platform and/or ability and skill to reach high level proficiency quickly

Company Description:


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